The Australian Centre for Geomechanics was formally established in 1992 as a University of Western Australia research centre in order to promote research excellence and continuing education in geomechanics, with particular emphasis on its application to the mineral and energy extraction sections of the resource industry. The ACG is an unincorporated Joint Venture involving: CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering, Australia and The University of Western Australia — School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering, Australia.

The Centre draws together its staff knowledge and experiences with the expertise within the two groups forming the Centre and facilitates a multi-disciplinary approach to research and education in geomechanics. Research undertaken by the ACG attracts global support and the outcomes of the projects are utilised to promote safer mining and environmental geomechanics practices, operating efficiencies and to meeting community expectations for sustainable mining practices.

Paste and thickened tailings technology (P&TT) is increasingly being adopted in operations around the world to improve the stability and safety of tailings storage facilities and to minimise the potential for environmental impact. The ACG is the leading provider of P&TT education and technology for the mining industry. This is through its series of international seminars on P&TT and resultant proceedings, state-of-the-art publications and industry sponsored tailings mine worker training DVD.

Following on from the first edition released in 2002 and the second in 2006, the ACG was delighted to release the third edition of ‘Paste and Thickened Tailings – A Guide’ in 2015. The revised edition features the significant advances made in the field since 2006 and includes a number of new chapters on evolving technologies, such as filtering and post thickener polymer injection, as well as different thickening techniques. These guidelines are such a highly valued and relevant reference for all those working in the mining industry having responsibilities in P&TT.

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Powering professional development for sustainable mining

Gecamin is a Chilean company with 18 years of experience organizing technical and international conferences for the mining industry. Our conferences aim to inform and inspire professionals from all over the world, fostering the exchange of best practices and innovative experiences.

Over 23,000 professionals have attended our events and have been trained in areas fundamental to the mining industry. These areas include Geology and Mining, Mineral Processing, Hydrometallurgy, Sustainability and Environment, Water and Energy, Maintenance and Automation, and Human Capital.

Gecamin seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the mining industry by openly addressing its most pressing concerns and by offering a platform for knowledge exchange that aims at identifying the most sustainable solutions.

In 2015, Gecamin organized 9 conferences and 9 courses, with a total of 696 technical presentations, gathering 2,416 delegates from 57 countries. Additionally, a total of 623 delegates from mining sites attended, and a book with the proceedings was published for each conference.

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